Turbo S2 VIN’s

vins-1Porsche built 20 1992 Turbo S2 models all LHD for the North American market only. The Porsche 911 Turbo S2 was issued with a standard North American Porsche 911 Turbo VIN not as a special VIN series.




The Cars by VIN#


Country of Delivery Count

USA – 18
Canada – 2


Exterior Color Count

Black – 4
Guards Red – 1
Polar Silver – 1
Slate Grey – 1
Unknown – 13


Facts, Rumors and Myths?

# 1 The race car and the road car equivalent were required to share most major mechanical components. In fact, to keep the race car close to stock, the air-conditioner was even required to be left intact.

# 2 The official finished production dates for the Turbo S2 were the factory release dates not the actual dates of finished production from modification at ANDIAL.

# 3 The cars were all delivered to Andial with standard Turbo rear badging. Ten of the cars were sold by Brumos who replaced the Turbo badging with ‘S2’ created from the badging of the 928 GTS.

# 4 VIN 480101 was subject to a 1994 Turbo S Flachbau conversion which was subsequently partailly reversed to remove the flatnose front end.

# 5 VIN 480292 was exported to Europe then subsequently destroyed in an accident.