IMSA Supercar

IMSA was founded in 1969 with its first official ‘season’ being a six race series won by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood in a Porsche 914/6 GTU (Grand Touring Under 2.5 liter class). Over subsequent years Porsche became a familiar winner in IMSA including the endurance races 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood would be frequent participants in IMSA classes.

imsas2-1When Porsche introduced the 1991 964 Turbo in September 1990 it was in need of a racing forum on which to prove out the car’s heritage. Conveniently in 1991 the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) was to create the Bridgestone Potenza Supercar Championship as a support series for the Camel GT Championship, each race to run 30 minutes. The series was designed to allow the best sports cars in the world to race each other, in primarily street-stock form. Porsche intent on racing in the U.S. market to boost sagging sales decided that running the 964 3.3 liter Turbo gave Porsche the best possibility to win the IMSA Supercar Championship and to increase production market share.






With the first race scheduled for May 1991 Brumos began working with Porsche’s customer racing department head Roland Kussmaul and Alwin Springer then Director of Porsche Motorsport North America to contest the series. For the 1991 season, Porsche working with esteemed Brumos racing mechanic Mike Colucci, built the cars. Brumos ran the team and Porsche provided technical and marketing support. Although the S2 homologation cars were in process at the start of the 1991 season the race cars were not designated ‘S2’ until July 1992 during mid 1992 race season coinciding with ANDIAL taking over all engine preparation work of the ‘S2’.




imsas2-4-jpgBrumos retained driver’s Hurley Haywood and Porsche racing veteran Hans-Joachim Stuck to pilot the new two car team. Stuck had been one of the protagonists alongside Alwin Springer who had encouraged Porsche to race in the new championship series with the 911 Turbo. Haywood had begun his career racing with Brumos Porsche Audi alongside Peter Gregg to win the inaugural IMSA GT championship in 1971 and had driven for Brumos and/or Porsche intermittently ever since.




Haywood would pilot#59 in the Supercar Championship from the first race at Lime Rock on May 27 1991 as a one car effort. Hans Joachim Stuck was committed to racing the 962C in FIA World Sports Car Championship, the DTM series and Le Mans duties and would not run #58 in IMSA Supercar until round five September 1, 1992 at Road Atlanta. For rounds 2 – 4 driver Joe Verde would pilot #58. And on September 22, 1991 for round 6 another substitute, Dan Knowles, would be employed for Stuck. Stuck would race #58 again for the final round 8 on October 13, 1991 at Del Mar Speedway.




imsas2-7Hurley Haywood would win the inaugural 1991 IMSA Supercar Championship Drivers and Manufacturers titles for Porsche over the controversial Conuslier GTP car with 124 points. Joe Varde would finish 9th and Hans Joachim Stuck 13th overall. John Wood Racing ran rounds 5 and 7 with an X33 optioned Porsche 911 Turbo with pilots Jeff Purner and David Rocha finishing 21st and 29th overall.









1991 Supercar Championship Results


imsas2-8-jpgFor the 1992 season Haywood would again pilot #59 for Brumos and Stuck would be the primary second driver in #58. Stuck would drive the first two rounds of the season and then #58 would sit idle for round 3 only to find long time Porsche racing pilot Walter Rohl at the helm for round 4. Stuck would again take the helm of #58 for rounds 5 and 6 only to be substituted again for round 7 by Rohl. As at the end of the 1992 season Stuck would again race #58 for the final round 8 on October 11, 1992 at Del Mar Speedway.








1992 Supercar Championship Results


Having won four out of the eight rounds Brumos would take the 1992 IMSA Supercar Championship Manufacturers title for Porsche, but place 2nd for the drivers title in a loss to Doc Bundy (173 points in the Lotus Esprit X180R Turbo) with Hurley Haywood at 157 points. Stuck would finish 7th overall and John Woods Racing would again sport an entry for the first four rounds of the season finishing as high as 2nd at Lime Rock.


imsas2-9-jpgFor the 1993 IMSA Supercar Championship Porsche would again run Brumos livered 911 Turbos but this time they were of the 3.6 liter turbo variety. In this form Stuck would finish 1st overall – for both drivers’ and manufacturer’s titles – having taken seven wins in the nine rounds with Haywood placing 4th. Nick Ham would finish in a respectable 8th place piloting for John Woods Racing.